Cross-Cultural Issues

It can sometimes feel difficult to get to grips with some of the customs, traditions, beliefs and lifestyle norms of your partner if they are from a culture different to your own. 

Being in a relationship with someone from another culture can at times also feel like you're having to make significant compromises to your own cultural identity. In cross-cultural relationships one or both of you may feel as if you're having to 'give up' a part of yourself in order to be with your partner. 

You may feel your partner has different ideas on gender roles, how to raise children, family involvement in your lives and social customs. Even the food they eat may be unusual to you. 

Navigating these differences needs to be approached with sensitivity and respect.

Being able to talk to a therapist to help you both understand the importance of the values and beliefs you each hold, and find a way for you to create a common understanding, can be a fruitful journey in bringing two cultures together in a uniquely loving relationship.


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