For Individuals

Scared to commit

If you’re feeling pressured to commit to a relationship or worried that you’ll never feel ready to settle down with someone, then it may be worth exploring what’s holding you back.

Some people can go through a series of relationships that end when the other person decides they want to take the relationship to the next level.

If this is you, it may reveal there’s more going on for you emotionally beneath the surface that needs looking at. 

Can’t get over your ex

Getting over an ex can often feel like a physical pain if you still carry strong feelings for them. You may hope to win them back, or you may wish to finally get over them once and for all so you can move on to a new relationship.

When your mind is occupied by one person it can often lead to cycles of thinking about them and what when wrong that it’s hard to break out of. 

Sometimes, it’s not about finding a way back to your partner, but more about finding a way back to yourself. Speaking with a therapist can help with this.

Choosing the ‘wrong’ person

It may be time to ask what keeps drawing you to the same type of partner if you find yourself in situations with unsuitable mates.

It could be that you always get treated badly, your partners present the same issues, or they end up being unavailable.

If going for a certain type of character never works out well for you, working with a therapist can uncover some of the unconscious reasons for your attraction to them. 

Feeling forever single

How to find a boyfriend or girlfriend can feel like an endless pursuit if, more often than not, you find yourself single rather than in a relationship.  

It’s normal in these situations for you to start questioning what’s wrong with you, or go the opposite way and put up “I don’t care anyway” walls.

But there may be something else at play than needs uncovering

Partner won't engage

If your partner refuses to see a therapist with you, then you may want to think about relationship therapy for singles instead.

It can be a difficult decision for some people to decide to open up about their personal life with a stranger.

However if you’re tired of circling around the same issues, you may want to see if a professional perspective can help move you out of the rut you’re in, even if your partner doesn’t want to engage.