Getting Ready for Married Life

Deciding to say “I do” can feel like a daunting prospect for some. The interweaving of lives, dealing with the in-laws, sex with the same person for the rest of your life, managing a home. 

The list of potential pitfalls could feel endless. Taking some time before marriage to understand what being in a couple means for you both could be a wise decision.

Understanding your partner’s expectations of how you will live and grow together, what career and life aspirations you both have, how you’ll manage finances together etc.

These are all aspects of life that some people think will magically fall into place as soon as you put a ring on it! But that isn’t always the case. 

It’s easy to make assumptions about how you’ll spend your lives together without checking in with your partner on if your ideas work for them too.

Taking the time to speak to a therapist may well set you on a positive track to exploring how you bring your lives together in a way that works for you both. 

If you’re going to invest in building a life together, it may also be worth taking some time at the beginning of your journey to talk about the topics you'll want to agree on further down the road and nurture a positive way of communicating with each other.


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