Choosing the 'Wrong' Person

Does it ever feel like you always seem to go for the 'same' person? 
You may possibly end up with people who all seem to have the same type of personality or similar traits, and the relationship ends up going nowhere? 

This may leave you wondering where you're going wrong with your choices.
Sometimes people can end up in a relationship with people who seem very similar to their 'no good' ex because that type of character reminds or represents something to you. Something that you may not even be aware of yourself.

It could be that they make you feel a certain way, or their character reminds you of someone important from your past, such as a parent. 

These choices may be unconscious and working with a therapist can help you to understand the type of person you go for and some of the reasons why. It means in future you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on if you want to make the same choice again, or not. 


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