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For some, the idea of speaking to a therapist may seem daunting, and we can understand why that is. You may be dealing with thoughts and feelings that you’ve avoided for quite some time.

Some people also worry about being judged by the therapist. Please rest assured, our job is not to judge.

Our role is to help you find some emotional relief from the thoughts and feelings that may be troubling you. We aim to make the process as accessible as we can.

Our therapists are trained to facilitate some of the most difficult relationship situations with understanding and compassion so that you feel comfortable enough to say whatever it is you feel you need to.

This can often be helpful for people who are worried about the impact of your thoughts and feelings on your partner and your relationship. 

As a first step, we would encourage you to complete the enquiry form below to set up an initial meeting. The fee for an initial meeting is £125 and requires upfront payment to secure the booking.

Therapy fees differ depending on the session time and range between £100 - £125 per session. We recommend you discuss your time availability with your therapist during your initial meeting who will then be able to inform you of the exact fee for that time. 

We offer face-to-face meetings from our office in central London, which is just a short walk from Oxford Circus London Underground Station. We also provide online therapy for those who are unable to make it to our office. 

Please fill out the form and we'll be in touch.